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What we do

Our structure is based on organising our core business activities into two distinct business units, namely EG Retail and EG Fuel, both supported by EG Shared Services.Through our main shared service centre in Blackburn, UK, we are able to manage our accounting, reporting and information technology functions from a central location. Satellite service centres in Westborough, Massachusetts (US), Sydney (Australia) and Breda (Netherlands) provide additional cover.

EG Retail

EG Retail comprises our network of filling station (“PFS”) sites, convenience retail stores and FTG concessions.

This business unit is responsible for actively seeking opportunities for organic growth and further expansion of our estate, and driving operational excellence on our forecourts. We intend to further develop our convenience retail and FTG offerings in each country and region by partnering with premium convenience retail and FTG brands.

EG Fuel

EG Fuel manages the strategic and operational fuel supply chain activities for our group, including fuel storage and distribution

EG Fuel has a leading packed and bulk lubricants sale business in the Netherlands, with the potential for expansion into other markets. We sell lubricants to different customers such as car dealerships and small and medium businesses. Packed lubricants are delivered in containers of up to 250 litre drums while bulk lubricants are delivered directly to the customers’ storage tanks.

EG Fuel has been developing our alternative fuels strategy, including in relation to the sale and marketing of electricity, liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas. EG Fuel is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the transition to alternative fuel vehicles. The group operates some of the largest sites in its sector, allowing space for the inclusion of alternative fuel charging stations and for the co-existence of charging stations and hydrocarbon fuel pumps.

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