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It is true that Starbucks buys and burns whole coffee beans of high quality. That is essentially what Starbucks does. But it is by no means the whole story.

The Starbucks coffee houses have now become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. Why do they want Starbucks? Because they know that every time they can count on real service, an inviting atmosphere and an excellent cup of expertly roasted and deliciously brewed coffee. EG Group and Starbucks entered into a unique partnership in 2010 with the opening of a coffee house in Deeside (UK). Now, in 2018, EG Group has more than 62 Starbucks locations in the UK, both drive-to and Drive-Thru, with more locations in the planning. In 2017 we opened the first Starbucks coffee houses at EG Group locations in Belgium and France.


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